2019 Lineup

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 The Corn Fed Girls and The Red Sea Pedestrians come together to perform one of the greatest albums of all time, Abbey Road, complete with all instruments and in its entirety. Your chance has come to see what sold out theatre crowds and summer festivals have been raving about!


The Corn Fed Girls 

One part salty breakup, two parts bear hug. The Corn Fed Girls are original acoustic americana from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Their sound is earthy and innovative, traditional instrumentation with lush vocal harmonies and a folky aesthetic. The Corn Fed Girls are a favorite on the Michigan folk music festival circuit.



The Red Sea Pedestrians 

The Red Sea Pedestrians are a one-of-a-kind, full-blown, instrument-swapping fusion between tradition and the here-and-now. A warped and beautiful high-energy blend of Klezmer, Greek, Gypsy, Celtic, Jazz and American Roots, all filtered through the band’s original vision.



The Gasoline Gypsies 

Rollicking, genre-transcending rock ‘n’ roll out of Detroit played by four guys who love the craft. With three part vocal harmonies, and driving guitar and bass riffs, their songs are powerful and intense, yet easy to grasp. The Gasoline Gypsies work hard. Their considerable effort to play rock and roll in the spirit that respects the art, results in a seemingly effortless stage performance that is thrilling, and fun.



Desmond Jones 

Desmond Jones is a five-piece funk/rock/jazz fusion band originally from East Lansing, MI currently living in Grand Rapids. With original music written to complement the group's sound as a whole, the music is centered around melodic guitar riffs, funky bass lines, groovy drumbeats, and smooth saxophone. The group takes influence from Frank Zappa, The Grateful Dead, Phish, Charles Mingus, The Band, and Led Zeppelin to name a few. Desmond Jones puts on exciting and high energy shows and is proud to say that each setlist and each song is different from show to show.  They have played all over the Midwest, East Coast, in Colorado, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Look for them to hit the road in 2018 and catch a show in your city! 




Based in Ann Arbor, MI, Chirp is a four-piece band that does their fair share of genre-hopping. Often playing in the styles of progressive rock/funk and jazz-fusion, their sound maintains a melodic center. The group features a wide array of originals and covers in their live sets and puts together dynamic, high-energy shows. Though their music ties in many technical, progressive and improvisational elements, an equal emphasis is put on grooving and keeping people moving. Chirp takes influence from Snarky Puppy, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Yes, Daft Punk, Vulfpeck, and the The Beatles to name a few. 



Earth Radio

Future Soul groovin' it's way into the stratosphere! Earth Radio is a unique collective of musicians that are pushing the boundaries of neo-soul to a new level.


The Rupple Brothers

TRB blend honest wisps of folk with an air of psychedelia, to craft a musical space the likes of which can only be found in few, far corners of the universe.




Charlie Millard Band

A trio that has been thrilling crowds wherever they stop to play, with influences like Tom Waits, Patrick Watson, and The Kinks. Charlie Millard Band has developed a unique sound, voice, and thought-provoking lyrics/poetry of their own with tones of an indie-Americana style reminiscent of 70s folk-rock.


HMMF - am cr3w.jpg

A.M. Cr3w

From the strange depths of the underground lie a rare band of brothers. Firmly rooted in hip hop, they branch out and immerse themselves in the realms of rock and funk. The 5 piece band prides themselves on raising the vibration, while being undoubtedly unique and original. With a style unknown to most, they are simply referred to as A.M. CR3W.




Distant Stars

"Funky//sexy//strange  rock & roll."


themarsupials-just the middle guy.jpg

The Marsupials

Like the ambivalent creatures they’re named after, The Marsupials can not be easily categorized. The orchestrated rock/funk has evolved into a searing hot, dance-infused journey of chaotic poetry & ethereal grooves. Formed in 2013 by Tai Drury and Al Riesenbeck, this Harbor Springs creation has been pleasuring ears across their home state of Michigan.



Les Older & The Ganja Gang

A fun-loving jam band! Playing originals and captivating covers that please the ear and move the feet. Brought together in a cloud of healing smoke, their goal is to see you smile and dance without a care! Spreading peace and love and life-wonders in song.



Mint Mansion

Mint Mansion is a formidable adversary of common core math. Breaking down the barriers of sonic genre. Mint Mansion delights crowds with musical mysteries! With a Jekyll and Hyde infrastructure Mint Mansion’s “Guess Who” lineup swings for the fences every note!


Jeff Yantz Music

Jeff Yantz is a Michigan born Indie Singer-Songwriter with an Americana, Folk, Pop sound. He's straight forward Midwestern whether you like it or not! His front room lyrics, harmonica wailings, interesting onstage banter, caterwauling, and antics may have gotten the nickname "Mr. Happy" in more ways than one! 


Monte Pride

Monte Pride is a Michigan-born, Michigan-based folk singer-songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist. His rich tenor voice and accomplished guitar technique make him sound older than his years, but the enthusiasm he brings to the music and performance is all youthful, impassioned, and healing energy. His powerful ability to communicate wholeheartedly shines through in his writing, every phrase weaving and winding to form a complex array of soul stirring song. Monte draws inspiration from long-time trailblazing musicians like Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Nick Drake, along with contemporary folk genre-benders like The Tallest Man On Earth, The Avett Brothers, and Frontier Ruckus.




Barbarossa Brothers

A unique blend of harmony-laden Americana, folk-rock and knee-slapping, acoustic-driven fun!