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Artist  Spotlight

Kicking off our Artist Spotlight series is the psychedelic tour de force you know and love as Chirp.

Fresh off an electrifying set at Electric Forest, and armed with a fleet of tasty new singles from their upcoming sophomore release, these guys are ready to tear it down once again under the big tent.

Three years of Handmade. Three years of Chirp. It just wouldn't be the same without 'em. 

"Chirp is a four-piece, genre-hopping band based out of Ann Arbor, MI. Often playing in the styles of progressive rock/funk and jazz-fusion, their sound maintains a melodic center. The group features a wide array of originals and covers in their live sets and puts together dynamic, high-energy shows.

Though their music ties in many technical elements, an equal emphasis is put on grooving and keeping people moving. Chirp takes influence from Snarky Puppy, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Yes, Daft Punk, Vulfpeck, and The Beatles, to name a few. Chirp has been hard at work since their formation in 2015, touring and recording consistently since the project began. Their fresh sound has taken them touring across the Midwest to play a large variety of venues and festivals."

Click here to check out Chirp on Spotify!


Also, get ready to welcome back...DISTANT STARS!

These Northern Michigan boys did us the honor ringing out the first ever notes of Handmade way back in 2018, and are bringing the hot stuff down to Chesaning once again for a night of raucous rock n' rollin' good times. It's in October, but it's going to get sweaty. 

"DISTANT STARS - funky/sexy/strange rock n’ roll from Michigan. Wild enough to raise the roof, charming enough to rival your favorite boy band. Unbridled bravado and flamboyant showmanship take center-stage, backed by a sonic hybrid of classic rock, electronic pop, and psychedelic funk, performed with a jazzy mentality and a punk rock attitude. Iconic cover songs are peppered throughout a set full of original music in a show that leaves the audience laughing, singing, and wondering - “are these guys from another planet, or am I?” Every DISTANT STARS performance is a wildly engaging rock n’ roll experience. Seductive frontman Jakey T steps out into the crowd to dance on your table and sip your drink while leading a sing-along. Andy simultaneously blasts out trumpet solo and hammers notes on the bass guitar with his other hand. Tai nonchalantly shreds planet-sized riffs on the guitar. Al channels the percussive intensity of John Bonham and the smoothness of Steely Dan. And just when you thought you were getting used to the madness...

BAM! - the boys swap instruments and bust out a Britney Spears cover.

DISTANT STARS have been a headlining and supporting act for prominent Michigan music festivals such as Farmfest, Earthwork Harvest Gathering, Handmade Music Festival, and Sol of the Lost Tamarack. They are also a favorite act at craft breweries, including Bellaire’s Short’s Brewery and the Workshop Brewery in Traverse City. Snowbelt Brewery of Gaylord even brewed them their own beer: ROCKNROLLJUICE.

In addition to live performance, the band has released a handful of singles in 2019 and is continuing production in the studio. A second full-length album, Rock N’ Roll Dies With Us, and a collection of live recordings are on the horizon for mid-2020 release."

Click here to check out Distant Stars on Spotify!

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